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NeuroFront announces Exclusive Agreement for Commercialization of Relivion® with Jings in Taiwan

Shanghai, April 20, 2023 – NeuroFront,  a clinical stage biotech company focusing on innovative neuroscience therapies inChina, and Jings, a Taiwan-based company specializing in the commercialization ofinnovative medical devices, jointly announced an exclusive agreement to distributeRelivion, a non-invasive, easy-to-use medical device for the at-home treatmentof migraine and depression, in Taiwan.

Relivion has received both FDA clearanceand CE mark for the treatment of migraine, and it is currently in late-stageclinical testing for depression.  Relivionis a lightweight headband that delivers neuro-stimulation to the occipital andtrigeminal nerves, which are located on the back of the head and forehead,respectively.  This action releasesneurotransmitters and modulates brain networks to positively affect pain andmood.  The device includes an app that allowspatients to share at-home treatment data with their physicians.  This unique feature allows the physician to tailorthe treatment and potentially identify factors that may contribute to theirmigraines.

“Because of our commitment to developingthe most innovative and effective neuroscience therapies to improve the livesof patients in Asia, NeuroFront is very excited to partner with Jings to bringRelivion to the many patients in Taiwan suffering from migraine anddepression,” commented June Yan, co-founder and CEO of NeuroFront.”

“Migraineand depression affect patients’ quality of life significantly,” stated Jings’General Manager Laicheng Jian. “Relivion fully complieswith Jings’ principle of “safety first, effectiveness first.”  In addition, its ease of use greatlyincreases patient acceptance. We believe that Relivion will be able to benefitthe patients suffering from migraine and depression in Taiwan.

Relivion’s FDA marketing clearance formigraine is based on the results of a multi-center, prospective, randomized,double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study,. Forty-six percent (46%) ofthe patients in the active group reached complete pain freedom compared to only11.8% of patients in the control group. Seventy-five percent (75%) of patientsin the active group reached complete freedom of “Most Bothersome Symptom” (MBS,which is defined as either phonophobia, photophobia, or nausea), within 2 hoursfollowing treatment, compared to 46.7% in the control group. Complete freedomof migraine symptoms (freedom from pain as well as freedom from MBS) at 2 hoursafter treatment was significantly higher in the active group than in thecontrol group (47.2% vs. 11.1%). Pain relief was also significantly higher inthe active group than in the control group at 2 hours after treatment (60% vs.37%). No serious adverse events were reported. Patients started using either theRelivion or a “placebo” device with lower treatment intensity, at the onset oftheir migraine episode for up to one hour. Patients were able to treat severalmigraine episodes during the course of the trial. The study, also known as“RIME”, was conducted at leading medical centers in the United States andIsrael, and it evaluated the safety and efficacy of Relivion with 131 patientswho met the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-3)criteria of migraine with or without aura.

Relivion has also been granted BreakthroughDevice designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for majordepression disorder. Neurolief is conducting a multi-center pivotal trial, alsoknown as “MOOD”, for the registration of Relivion’s new indication for thetreatment of depression.

About Jings

Founded in 1999, Jings is committed to theinnovative technology of clinical diagnosis and treatment in neuroscience.Jings has made remarkable achievements in the application and promotion oftranscranial electrical stimulation (tDCS/EEG and magnetic pulse stimulation (rTMS/Navigator) in brainstimulation area. In the field of pain, Q.S.T is best known as a quantitative detectionof sensory nerve.  Based on richknowledge and experience, while caring for clients and patients, Jings is anideal partner for Relivion in Taiwan.

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About Neurofront

NeuroFront is a China-based clinical stageneuroscience biotech company with a focus on developing and commercializinginnovative neuroscience therapies to address unmet needs and improve patients'lives in China and Asia. NeuroFront was established by top-tier lifesciences investors and is led by an elite team of neuroscience industryveterans with substantial and compelling expertise in China and globally inboth R&D and the commercialization of products to treat disorders of thecentral nervous system.

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About Neurolief

Neurolief is a neuromodulation company,dedicated to improving the lives of patients suffering from Neurological andNeuropsychiatric disorders such as migraine and depression. The company hasdesigned and manufactures the Relivion device which is the world'sfirst neuromodulation system designed to concurrently stimulate the occipitaland trigeminal nerve branches to modulate brain regions associated withmigraine and depression. Currently FDA and CE approved for the acute treatmentof migraine, Relivion is intended to provide a highly effective alternative topharmaceutical therapies. The system also incorporates a patient mobile app andclinical software with cloud enabled data-tracking feature sets, enabling nextgeneration AI incorporation. The company is currently pursuing additional FDAand CE mark approvals for migraine prevention and for treatment of majordepression (MDD).  Neurolief Ltd. isheadquartered in Netanya Israel, with US operations in Tampa FL, and is made upof highly experienced professionals in neuroscience, neuromodulation technologyand the neurotech devices industry.

About Migraine

Migraine is a common, disabling, andrecurring complex neurological disorder with a genetic component, affectingadults throughout their life. It is characterized by episodic headachesthat throb, intensify, and cause or co-occur with nausea, vomiting, andabnormal sensory sensitivities. It is one of the most common neurologicdiseases in the world.

About Depression

Depression is a mood disorder characterizedby a depressed mood and several additional symptoms for at least 2 weeks,including decreased interest; feeling of guilt, worthlessness, and/orhopelessness; fatigue; disturbances in sleep, suicidal thoughts, etc., causingsignificant impairment in daily life.