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Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Major Depressive disorder (MDD) isa common psychiatric disorder and is one of the leading causes of disability inthe world. MDD is a clinical conditioncharacterized by depressive episodes that alternate with periods of normalmood, these episodes are marked with depressed mood, anhedonia (lack ofpleasure in previously pleasurable activities) and concurrent symptoms like alterationsin sleep, appetite, psychomotricity, besides pessimistic thoughts, and evenattempts of suicide.

Accordingto the World Health Organization (WHO) report of “Depression and other commonmental disorders” issued in 2017 (1), theaverage incidence worldwide is about 4.4%. The prevalence of MDD in Chinais on the rise, 12-month prevalence rate is 2.3%, 3.9% in lifetime, and 6.9% in depressivedisorders (2).

More than 300 million people worldwide are expected to suffer from MDD,while more than 95 million patients in China. The misdiagnosis rate ofdepression is as high as 65.9%, and the overall recurrence rate is as high as50% to 85%, with 50% of patients relapsing within 2 years after the onset ofthe disease (3). At present, MDD is mainly treated withantidepressant drugs, supplemented by psychotherapy or physical therapy.


Relivionis a non-invasive transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator developed by Neurolief, an Israel company, through theinnovation of percutaneous occipital nerve stimulation technology.

As an eCOT-NS therapy, Relivion is a device with novel technology.Relivion can not only effectively treatdepression by activating numbersof trigeminal and occipitalpathways, triggering synergistic neuromodulatoryeffects, but also increase the benefit of patients through remote monitoring bymedical professionals.

The US FDA granted BreakthroughDevice for Relivion in August 2020 to treatdepression, and a Pivotal study is currently ongoing.


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